Friday, April 16, 2010

Paiute Trail Picture(s) of the Day

Another picture from the Lone rider's exploration of the Dry Creek Trail. We are so thankful that some people take time out of their busy schedule to explore the trail conditions so that others can sit around and wait for the absolute 'perfect' trail conditions thereby not having to ride one day more, or one mile longer than absolutely necessary ;-)

This is a waterfall from the heavy snow run off. Gee, it's too bad more of us aren't needed to check out trail conditions. . .


  1. It's a tough job Doug but someone has to do it.

    The "girlly men" can wait for the perfect day, I find everyday is perfect for a ride.

    And yes, more riders are "needed".

  2. No offense taken. Hey, wait a minute! I think that just 'might' have been aimed at me ;-)