Monday, May 10, 2010

Deer Creek Trail Conditions

The snow is finally melting at the lower elevations. If these pictures don't make you want to ride, you should sell your ATV!

But it's leaving plenty of downed trees that need to be removed.

Fortunately there are plenty of 'early explorers' willing and eager to put the first tracks of the season on the trail. (Same spot with the tree removed)
But why is it that the snow lingers the longest on the trail?

Although currently only open about 5 miles up, Deer Creek is still a beautiful ride!
Please remember that if you are riding beyond the last rider's tracks, please stay on the existing trail!

All these wonderful photos are courtesy of the Lone Rider.

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  1. Hope I get to make it over there sometime sure looks beautiful and love to have my RZR on the trails. Love the pics.