Monday, July 19, 2010

EV's - The future of the Trails

If you haven't read the ATV Television Blog entitled, "I've seen the future" please do. That way you'll understand this one much better.

I now have sitting here outside my office, a new Polaris Ranger EV (Electric Vehicle). And guess what? It is quiet! So quiet that I can here my passenger talking to me. And I can answer back without ending up hoarse. In fact it's so quiet I can here the stream flowing beside me as I drive along. I can also here those dastardly fossil fuel powered wheelers coming long before I can even see them.

I can also here the wind in the trees, the deer running up the bank, and the sound of thunder off in the distance. I hear the birds singing and the rocks from the tires flipping up into the air.

I can also see the smiles on the faces of all (okay most) of those that pass by. I see wildlife startled at not hearing me coming from far away.

And I see the future of back country travel where peace and love abound. Okay, whoa, that went a bit far, but I do see a future where vehicle travel disrupts the forrest and the community around the forrest far less than now.

Of course there's a lot of things that just don't work on the EV, for one, it's slow. For another, it doesn't go very far.

But what I do see is the advantages of the quiet operation of a UTV. Perhaps we need to mandate electric vehicles for operation on all our trails?

Or maybe all we need to do is ride more responsibly on what we have.

Slower, quieter trail use is an amazingly wonderful experience I can assure you.

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