Monday, July 5, 2010

"Secret Trails"

There are few experiences that I enjoy more than exploring new areas, finding new trails, and seeing new sights! Although it's true that the changing weather and the passing of time can change often-used trails enough to make them a new experience, there is just nothing like traveling over a trail that hasn't been ridden by the crowds!

And so it was that I rode a trail that was not only new to me, but was trackless and most likely had not been ridden by anyone since at least last summer.

A secret trail!

Like many, the 'secret' part of the trail dead ends after just a couple miles, but when put together with the trails to and from can still make a 25 mile loop and a wonderful way to spend 6 hours.

We'll keep you informed as things develop, but we continue to work on a plan to offer a guide service so that those of you that want to explore the same Paiute area trails you've seen us ride, can. We hope to not only be able to take a few riders up to some of the best trails we've found, but also some of those 'secret' trails we've discovered.

Stay tuned —

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  1. As of the most recent Fishlake National Forest travel plan this trail no longer open to motorized vehicles. Please refer to the travel management plan and it's maps before venturing onto trails that appear to have been unused for a considerable amount of time. Please do NOT use this trail for motorized access. To do so is illegal and will jeopardize our efforts to legally gain access rights to other closed trails in the Fishlake National Forest.