Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Paiute Trails are Opening UP!!!!

We've been spending more time on the trails now that things are warming up!

And that also means that if you have tires that extend out past your 'protective' fenders you're gonna get dirty!

But there are also a lot of the trails that are 'mostly' dry and beautiful as only Springtime in the mountains can be.

But be careful as with the trails very wet they are easy to tear up with aggressive tires and aggressive riding. So please TREAD LIGHTLY.

There are great things about every season on the high country trails. While Fall is overwhelming in its beautiful colors, and Summer is the chance to get up out of the heat of the lower elevations, Spring is the season for budding trees and grasses, and the runoff, which means water everywhere and oftentimes quite challenging stream crossings!

Stay tuned as we prepare some more trail pictures...

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